Dark Entity

by Ell Annabelle
(Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom)

I had my First Paranormal experience at the house I grew up in, I was not very old, about four years old. I remember it like it was yesterday and so vivid, I often walk by the house just to reminisce...

I remember that I was outside in the front garden, I had not long been outside when I looked beyond our garden fence which had a grass bank, which was where I spotted what looked like a black hole mid-air, seconds after noticing that the vivid and solid yet dark entity manifested. I could not believe what I was seeing, in broad day-light!

The entity then began to move toward me, I watched as it smoothly floated, it did not appear as if it was walking, just gliding, it stopped! And there it was... Floating ABOVE our garden fence. It is quite obvious that this entity once walked on grounds which no longer exist! It makes my mind run wild thinking about what it would have looked like.

As for the black hole in mid-air, I like to think it was some sort of Portal.

This solid figure was also really rather menacing! Especially for a four year old! It wore a black robe, the robe had long bell sleeves and it draped over his feet, his hands and feet where covered by it... It also had a hood! Which darkened his face. This paranormal being was so vivid that I even noticed the robe was torn at the bottom where it draped around his feet and it even looked torn at the ends of the sleeves. Now that I am older, To me this Apparition reminds me of a monk, only monks wear a BROWN robe! I cannot help but this this spirit was evil, or satanic. Maybe a group of Satanists gathered there. I would just love to know who and what it was, what it did and why his robe was black!

After that I ran away from it because It had frightened me. A few minutes later I returned to the front garden and it was no longer there. I always wondered if it would appear there again, but it never did (not in my presence anyway).

I do believe the spirit I saw fits in with a few other stories I have which are connected to that house, the house was haunted by several Astral beings though, that was not the only apparition my Mother and I experienced there. She did not witness this specific apparition though. I will with pleasure share more of my personal stories with you in the near future.

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