Dark Man

by a Canadian Maritimer

About 22 years ago on a stormy winter night, I was outside clearing some snow off our steps.

We live in the country near water. Our snow storms can drop a foot of snow in no time.

My dog was outside with me when for no reason he became agitated and was barking uncontrollably.

As I looked up to see what the commotion was all about I saw this tall man dressed in unusual clothing, all in black wearing a hat.

I ask out loud if he was lost or needed any help. (no response). He just slowly stopped and stared at me (could not see a face). Then he continued on his path at the end of our road which is a dead end. The snow had not been plowed. It must have been difficult to walk in such deep soft snow with very low visibility.

At this moment in time I felt a chill and the hair on the back of my neck were in full alert.

I did not feel safe so I called out to my husband to come out but the strange man was already gone. Disappeared in the mist of the wind and snow.

I waited inside to see if he would come back up the same way. He did not. There are several explanation for the sightings. None that are reassuring.

I really have no idea what I saw that stormy night, trust me it is not and encounter I want to experience again.

They say if you have witness this sighting that it usually brings some misfortunes or even death to family members or someone close to you. I have had some pretty serious health issues in the last 15 years.

Who knows fact or fiction?

Yours truly,
a Canadian Maritimer

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