by shainur ullah

I went to the toilet and as I was doing my business my friends thought it was funny to turn the light off as they knew I wasn't the biggest fan of darkness. I finished my business, quickly flushed and washed my hands but I started to panic, when you start to panic its difficult to stay calm and think straight.

I couldn't find the lock pad on the door to unlock it, it was as if it had dissappeared and I shouted to my friends "ok now guys very funny turn on the light" I told them as I can hear them chuckling. I was panicking I couldn't think straight and I couldn't find the lock pad on the door to unlock it.

In that second as I turned my head in complete darkness I saw very vaguely a white tarnished dress and some of the most tortured sad tired eyes I have ever seen. I couldn't move my body it had gone over load and didn't know what to do. I was 100 percent sure something was in this bathroom with me in pure darkness and just as it was coming closer to me my friends turn on the light and I managed to unlock the door and got out.

I just pretended to laugh with my friends didn't say anything to them.

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