Dave Haggarty's: Saved the Best for Last

by Dave Haggarty
(Livingston, Scotland)

This is me (Dave Haggarty) and this is my story...

This is me (Dave Haggarty) and this is my story...

Hi before I start my stories I would like to say that I'm a non-religious, open minded person but a realistic person also... But there's just some things that I cant explain so here are my three true stories.... Enjoy.

(1). When I was 17 (now 28) I stayed in a place called Kelty (this is in Scotland, Fife and yes I'm Scottish) and I was sitting down stairs watching t.v. (there was no lights on coz it got dark quick and didn't really notice)

So as I needed to nip quickly up stairs to the toilet one of my two dogs came rushing down the stairs past me and out the back door. I thought it was a wee bit strange as I thought he must have heard something out side but wondered why I never heard what he did as I was down stairs and closer to the back door and as he was up stairs in my mums bedroom.

I started to walk up stairs (with no lights on)
and just as I got to about the third step from the top my mum said "what are you wanting" but the tone she used was enough to put me in to a stop and I replied "I'm not wanting anything!" and started walking down the stairs forgetting to go to the toilet...

Then it hit me that that voice wasn't my mums, in fact I was only person in the house as well my two dogs. So I quickly made my way to the bottom of the stairs and switched all the lights on and started heading back up the stairs saying "If there's any body up here you better come out now or I'm gonna batter you with this base ball bat!" I didn't have a base ball bat but If I didn't go up the stairs straight away I wouldn't have gone up till morning when it was light.

So I checked my mums room - nothing, checked the bathroom - nothing, checked my room - nothing then I looked up and saw the loft lid was totally removed and it was pitch black so I shouted up "is there any body up there!?" Half way through me saying this I had the FEAR and thought if some one answers me back I'm going to collapse down my stairs but I never got a response... Thankfully.

(Extra Info: KELTY has its own famous creature called the BEAST of BLAIR ADAM but I used to walk around the woods there by myself day and night and never saw anything but you can find out info on this on Google)

(2). Years later (I'm about 24ish now) I had moved to LIVINGSTON, WEST LOTHIAN and stayed in a studio flat in MIDCALDER and as I worked 12 hour shifts days and nights as security officer in a shopping centre. Some times all you want to do is crash out, so I quickly had a shower and as I was going through my rocker stage I was straightening my hair in the kitchen looking forward to my bed when I heard this scraping noise.

Now this noise wasn't as bad as Freddy Kreuger's trademark noise but wasn't far off. I had a pot lid resting on top of my large frying pan and it started to make that kind of scraping squealing noise.

As I looked at the frying pan I saw the pot lid move from one side of it to the middle of the frying pan. I stretched my hand out to touch it but being a wimp I pulled my hand back and as I done that the pot lid started moving again and carried on moving to the other side so I was thinking to myself "ok, don't freak your self out coz there's a normal reason this.

So I thought ok maybe there's oil in the pan (it was bone dry!) So I thought ok maybe I have left a cooking ring on (nope wasn't that, stone cold!!)... OK I thought maybe some how air is getting in through my extractor fan (wrong again!!!) So I went to bed (with one eye open) and I started feeling something touching me but in a odd goose bumpy way but it was non threatening (but it wasn't like shiver goose bumps because where ever it was near on my body is where the hairs would stand up on end but it wasn't goose bumps you'd get all over (very,very odd and slightly disturbing) so I told it to go away as I had work in the morning - done the trick.

(3). Ok so this is my BIG story...

I'm 25 now and I'm hanging around at my friends house (I'm more like a adopted son to these folks and I really enjoyed their company) so me and the three members of this family had traveled from Canada to America and back again and whilst on holiday there daughter bought a Ouija board from a kids shop (why would they sell this to kids who knows?)

When we get back to home to LIVINGSTON we have a go on this Ouija board (thinking nothing of it) obviously you go through a stage of some ones moving this for kicks but as time went on some of the information giving to us was a bit was a bit out of place (not nice) so we played it a few nights but this one night a name was spelled out and it was oddly the same name as my super visors last name at work so I laughed it off but it turns out it was also the name of this guy one of the family members knew (and this guy was SCUM and I mean SCUM to the point I won't go in to what he done as I think my story will be blocked type of SCUM!)

Turns out this guy was due to go to prison but died before he was went to go trial due to police paper work mix up.

So we finish the Ouija board for the night and I don't feel well so I said I was just going to walk home (took about 30 minutes). By the time I got home I was feeling really aggressive and felt I needed to shake this off so I went for a hot bath but once again I got the feeling of being touched like I did when I was in the flat (see 2nd story) but this time it felt threatening so I got out the bath and went to bed where I had my 1st Night Terror (ever).

I was sitting in this room (pitch black all around me) and I saw this old woman with curly shoulder length hair sitting on a couch and this guy (possible her husband) laying across, facing in to the couch with his feet on her lap.

Anyways I was sitting on a arm chair in front of her (close enough to reach out and touch me) but I wasn't facing her but side on to her so she was looking at my right hand side and as I turned my head to the right to get a look at her she opened her mouth really wide and started to make this deeper and deeper and louder and louder groaning noise. (Bit like the fog from the evil dead movies)

As this noise became more and more intimidating her skin started to rot and her eyes and mouth became black and hollow and started to cave in on its self. As I was terrified I tried to get up but could NOT leave the arm chair.

The noise got that loud I woke up bolt up right but I didn't feel safe but I couldn't move. I couldn't close my eyes because I could see her but I was to scared to look around...

The older friend was going through some old photos she had and I picked out this one photo of a guy who looked a bit like the guy from easy rider (Dennis Hopper) and told her about the story you have just read and this guy stands out to me, she said that the guy in the photo was the scum bag I mentioned earlier.

So I went back to the Ouija board 2 weeks later and said somethings and I've never really had much trouble so far.

I have heard and felt things since but these three were the ones I tell most because my other stories are foot steeps down stairs when there's no one there and I don't want to jump the gun and let my imagination run away with me.

I really don't know how to explain these things that I have experienced but even I can't pin point down what these experiences are.... but I do get a lot of deja vu and some times I will think of things or people that I may not have thought of for years can pop up minutes or days later.

But I don't want to say it's this or that, these are just my experiences and you should make up your own mind what they are thanks for reading

Dave Haggarty

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