Dead Man & A Warrior

by Baby Joseph
(Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E)

Background: Southern India, a remote village, hills, valleys brooks and river-lets, paddy field and rubber estates.

On 5th November 2014, in the early hours of the morning I saw a man (a rowdy & my neighbour) named Jack - dead years before - come back to life and is in his land close to his house. This house is built at the base of a mount(slope) and was erased a few years after his death, yet it appeared in a vision.

I am with him, time about midnight, a few children sleep on the ground. I asked him why there is no light there, erected in-case of a need for children awake at night. I voluntarily fix two electric bulbs. His third and fourth sons are with me just roaming around. Suddenly a warrior (like an athlete) wearing only boxers approached so fast, ran to the mount where my home and another neighbour Jack's 3rd son & family live, a machete in his hand, speaking that I have a mission to kill. I could hear sounds of people crying at the edge of the mount.

A few minutes later he was running down to the mount. I told Jack that he killed a few of your grand children or relatives so kill him. Hearing me he moved to a cleft on the warrior's way, when he approached he jumped and stabbed him with a long butcher's knife and killed. Blood spread every-where, whereas the warrior came back to life and repeatedly stabbed Jack after snatching his own butcher's knife, so also his 4th son who went to rescue him. Thereafter, the warrior with renewed vigor continued to run through the passage of paddy field. A few people tried to block him, but with his right hand running so fast pushed them at a stretch and faded away. The people were thrown to the marshy field.

Strange enough, Jack's third son refused to rescue his father when he was being attacked by the warrior.

After three hours when I opened my mail, I saw the BREAKING NEWS - TIMES OF ISRAEL, about the killing of Temple mount by a Hamas Jihadist. I know the street as I have visited the place 2 years before.

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