Dead of Night

by franki

I was having a sleepover with two of my friends both of them believe in paranormal activity and are very superstitious I on the other hand did not. My friends were trying to tell me that demons and ghost were real. To show how pathetic I thought this was I tryed to call out a demon. I said things like "come out and get one of us you cowardly fiend" yet nothing happened.

12.00 am
Things began to get strange. One of my friends seemed to be whispering in her sleep. She was whispering things about death and mentioned my name. I woke her up worried. She looked blank. Things started to fall from the table waking my other friend who seemed to be in a daze. Neither of them blinked.

I began to panic as my friends stood up. I was unsure of what to do then I felt a cold sensation the rest is a blur I still don't know what happened that night.

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