Dealing Of The Tidings of Evil

by Samuel weaver

I... Have been there and back again so to speak... Ive been to the evil side and back to the light. The fear of the demonic prescences of the saying of farewell would be a very uncanny of a thing, as so it was. I had those feelings as to the feeling of churning in the pit of your stomache the makes the twisting ever so less pleasant. It was a fearful of a thing... Calling them unto the house of your kinfolk. It was traumatic as to the undying fact of being fear... Evil... Evil never-ending fear. The demons observe us likely as to observing the space forethwith around them. Deadly to the matter of speaking fact... It was in the night, I decided to try it out... I succeeded without even the slightest hint of failure... Feeling the negative energy ripping my very eternal soul... I... I could feel the pain... The presence didnt even henceforth leave my home... I've never thought that such a fragile of a matter could effect lives so... So harmfully... I've never even pondered the extent thought of forgiveness for myself... Fear... Fear is in my dwelling... It matter little of the areas to places you go or enter... That- that thing will still have its eternal access to your soul for the mistakes you commited...

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