Death Ceremony

by Rahim

*This is fiction this is not a real story, this is based on something that happened to me. When I was in pre-school there were some.... Emo? Scary kids? They always had or red or black clothes on and had 2 markings in their necks and they were really smart.

Well I was young and I wanted to become friends with Everyone! When I wanted to talk to one they were talking about a ceremony of blood? I didn't know what to talk about with them so I asked 'what is the blood ceremony?' One of them said 'you'll know that fast enough' then I said that I wanted to know and then one of them pushed me away. I had my rage moments so I punched him with FULL POWER!!!!!

He didn't have that much pain, but my fist became FULL RED like I hit a wall 123456789 times. Then he punched me in my face so I fell away. I heard one of them say: 'that boy is promising...' then when I was going to the bathroom clean my blood away the Guy who punched me was there too. I said 'WANNA FIGHT PUNK?!'

Then he said I wasn't worth a hassle. Then we started fighting with words and eventually I got my ass kicked. Then I got my wolf pack of friends and we saw the emo kids... we started fighting like some kind of war. Aaand we got our asses kicked. Then I started looking up on internet what they could be... First thought: wraiths Second thought: Vamps.

I saw that you can fight them with wooden sticks but it was too late....

This ceremony was meant to kill all of the 'normal' kids. I saw them all pledge suicide and a couple of them got those neck markings too, those were the ones that didn't pledge suicide. I was the only kid saw them all dying without seeing the fun of it like the vamps. There was blood everywhere and I managed to kill 1 of the vampires, the rest were long gone. Now I want to become a vampire hunter. If you know where I need to be, please write it in the comments. I've got the skill.

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