Death's Revenge

by christian
(las vegas nevada)

Once in 1673 when all were stupid and believed in witches lived a young boy. He also believed in witches and one day when he was 12 he saw old poor Ma'am Resbow. Ms Resbow could barely afford anything and one day she went to the meadows to steal some turnips. She couldn't afford food and that was her plan to finally get some food.

She grabbed a couple of turnips but suddenly Ms. Groos the owner came out of her house. Ms. Resbow quickly ran into the forest. The look of the sweet turnips was unbearable. She decided she might as well cook them. She saw a pot Ms. Groos had left outside and took it. She went deep in the forest and cooked the turnips not knowing she was being watched.

Suddenly the women yelled "you rotten kid, what are you looking at?" She slapped him and spilled the pot on him, burning his skin and then ran away. She accused Mathew of witchcraft and said that the burns he had were made by Satan because he got caught by her. Mathew got tortured to death. He was burned alive and he ran right into water not knowing it was actually mud. More mud was poured in the hole he jumped into until finally they started pouring salt. They put pounds of salt and made him sob as he barely got out the layers of mud and was now being covered with salt.

He never died. For a week he managed to survive before they built a church on top. He managed to get out just to notice he had dug into the bottom of a church. He quietly dug to the side and dug into rock. He decided to dig underneath only to get stuck in a hole in the well. Half his body remained in the water making him drown not able to be seen. The water got infected because of the decaying body. The town got destroyed.

There had been a fire that burned the whole town and the funny fact the fire just tore through the town like a hurricane smashing through he wall burning and killing everyone. Mathew was back for revenge. He killed anyone that got near the ruins of the well where he still remains. Every victim brings him one more cell from being alive. It's a matter of fact before you get killed by him no one knows where the well is so you better be careful. When he awakes he will destroy the whole world and wipe the world out of life.

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