Defining Growls From My 4 Year Old's Room

by Amy

When my son was two he started to talk about spirits, he would tell me they were in his room, and they wanted to play with him. Once when he was three he was playing on the floor with his cars when all of a sudden he jumped to his feet and looked at me and asked "Who's that mommy, who's that little boy?" I peeked around the corner to where he was pointing and didn't see anything so I asked him "What little boy? There is no one there." He started to cry and kept saying to me... "help him mommy he's lost, help him. He cant find him mommy."

I didn't know what to do. He continued to talk about ghosts and I thought maybe he was just playing around, but at 2 and 3 years old I don't know if he could make something up like that.

Anyway we moved to a basement apartment and right from day 1 he talked of a little girl and something dark with red eyes. He was afraid to be alone in a room. One night my cousin and I cleaned his room and I put him to bed. About 2 hours later he woke up screaming in terror. I ran in and tried to calm him, he just kept saying don't let the big black thing with red eyes get me don't let him get me." I swore I heard a growling sound through his screams so I asked him to be quiet for a minute. He did, that's when I heard a very loud growling sound, it sounded like it was right by my head and it was so loud I had to plug me ears. It was way to loud to be an animal.

When it stopped I screamed for my cousin to come in. She did and I told her to sit on the chair at the end of the bed and just listen for a minute. After about 3 or 4 minutes we heard it again and it was so loud it felt like the room shook. My cousin was so scared she jumped from the chair to the bed and we all huddled there, scared to death. We moved the next day and never went back.

Though we never heard it again my son still talked about spirits. I feel bad cause I told him it scares me so he stopped telling me. He is nine now and I haven't heard him say anything since he was 5 but the other day he walked up to someone and said "you see them too." The guy smiled, nodded and walked away. What is going on with my son and how do I deal with this? It scares the crap out of me.

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