Demon at 3:33

by Cam

When I was about 13, I snuck out of my parents house to hang out with a friend. We were up late, and I started walking home around 3 in the morning. On the way home, I passed through a park which I've been to millions of times.

As I approached the basketball court, I saw an extremely tall shadow. At first I thought it was just my imagination, or possibly a stain on the concrete. But as I got closer the "shadow" seemed to be taking a more 3 dimensional shape with every step. By the time I was about 100 feet from it I could see it was about 6'5 figure standing with it's back towards me, arms crossed, and giant spikes coming out of its shoulders.

The last thing I remember was running home, but actually getting there is not in my memory. After that night for about 4 years I had strange instances happen between 2:45-4 am.

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