Demon in a Human Disguise

by Kristina

So this didn't happen to me, thank God. But it happened to my great grandmother that already passed away a long time ago.

She was in the kitchen when suddenly she saw her husband, who was already dead for a few years by that time, standing in front of her and he wasn't himself. He was very sarcastic and smirking. It was shocking for my great grandmother and she wasn't realizing what was going on.

Her "husband" demanded a bottle of vodka and a shot glass to drink it in (I am from Russia and men like to drink vodka to get drunk quickly. I don't know it's just cultural I guess). My great grandma put a bottle of vodka and a shot glass on the table. He sat at the table and started to drink hard and was acting very strange and disrespectful.

My great grandma glanced under the table and she saw that instead of human legs her "husband" had goat looking legs with hoofs. She crossed him and said some spell, back at that times in Russia people especially women were very devout and knew a few spells to get rid of demons or something like that just in case. And after she did it the demon vanished and never bothered her again.

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