Demon In The Night

by Alison (False name)

Now I know what happened, in fact it is gone now.

I am a witch, and proud. I have powers and I know people and sometimes I get in trouble, or I make enemies (these enemies are always evil). So one enemy I have made is the leader of an evil vampire group near my town. He hired a demon and sent it to kill me.

Three times this demon tried to kill me, on the third time I killed it.

The first time I was sleeping when I awoke in the middle of the night, feeling like I was on laughing gas (that was the demon trying to make me stupid). I saw a hand for a few seconds and instantly knew a thing was nearby. My reaction and thoughts were slow, so just as I began to wonder if it was good or evil it paralyzed me.

Now as I said I have powers, and I am a fairly strong witch so the demon was unable to kill me. Every time I tried to move though, I heard a heavy panting like it was struggling to keep me there. I finally banished the fog in my mind, and counted to three, the busted free. I ran from my room to my parents room (there are dragon statues in that room and sometimes friendly dragons visit them) and thought about what happened.

The second time it attacked me I was aware of who sent it and why it was there. That day I had learned my neighbors daughter had been molested and I was very angry and probably pulsing with negative energy. I knew I was probably going to astral travel in the middle of the night and seek revenge so I placed a bag of rocks near my head to keep me grounded. I was sleeping when I had a dream. Some evil and dark was in the top corner of my room. Out of a body a wolf with wings came out (that was me in my astral form). The wolf me lunged at the thing and tore off its arm. I woke up and had a strange satisfied feeling and went back to sleep.

The third time it was lurking near me, and honestly I was tired of this thing, I didn't want it near me anymore. I concentrated and summoned my astral form (The reason it has wings is because it is part wolf part dragon. After all you can control what ever you want to be in the astral realm.) I concentrated on the more dragon part of my astral form and breathed fire in a circle. Finally I killed the demon.

This is a true story of my encounter with a demon.


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