Demon Living In My Room

by Jake Rhyan
(Salt lake city)

When I was 8 almost 9 my parents moved into this old house down in Houston, Texas. It was a pretty big old house with like 4 bedrooms and my mom, dad, and me were the only people living there. My room was about 30 feet from my dad and moms room. That made it scarier because at the old house my room was just like 10 feet from my mom and dads room.

Anyway the very first night we lived there I was trying to go to sleep on my bed. It was one of those stormy, windy nights. And as I was laying there my cover stared to come off of me and I pretended to not notice anything but then it came off of me real fast like somebody jerked it off. I screamed with my eyes still closed, but my dad and mom didn't hear me. It was so scary I thought I was gonna die.

But luckily after about a minute of screaming my dad and mom came in there. They just said I had a nightmare which was such a lie because I never even went to bed that night. Not even after my mom and dad let me sleep in their room. Anyway we lived in that house for about a year. Most nights I slept with my mom and dad.

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