Demonic Dreams & Feelings

by Austin
(Bend, Oregon)

I'm sure everyone has occasional strange dreams or nightmares every now and then, but the ones I have leave me with strange feelings of an unwanted presence upon me, like the world I fell asleep to changed when I woke.

It was maybe a month or two ago when I got the most creepy dream I've had yet. I had appeared in some giant, dark room with no doors or windows, no way out at all, standing in front of me was a horrid creature, a Demon. This Demon was the most haunting thing I've ever seen, it stood on 4 long legs and stood maybe 10 feet tall. The creature had pale, rotting flesh, and a bald head with a large open mouth and sharp teeth, the head was twitching madly like this beast was in horrible pain. Basically it looked like a 4 legged spider with flesh and a head. I felt pure evil coming from this thing, which seems obvious, it's certainly not an Angel.

I felt as though I had to kill this beast for some reason, that I was sent to get rid of it. The Demon screamed loudly as me, I fell and as I tried to get back up I felt a sharp pain through out my body, something was biting my neck, I try to swipe what ever it was away, and found some kind of strange insect, and realized it was poisonous.

I was paralyzed, either by fear or poison I don't know but I couldn't move at all, that was when I had had enough and woke up breathing heavily and holding the side of my neck. Normally I would just shrug this off as just another bad dream but I felt terrified, I felt eyes on me, something was watching me, chills went through my spine and, as I had said before, everything felt different.

That morning nothing felt right, it was a normal day, nothing was really different on my schedule but all I could think about was that damned creature. I want to know if anyone has ever heard of such a Demon before. I have tried to summon Demons before, not smart I know, but I am of no religion and it was basically a joke to me and my friends, but it is possible for Demons to exist, who am I to know.

Anyway, I'd like to learn more about this, if it means anything, and why it's happening, it's scaring the hell out of me.

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