Demonic Dreams

by Yara

Well let's begin,I'm 20 years old and I had some demonic dreams from time to time since I was a child. (Note: I'm a christian person and I have a very religious family)

Anyway I want to share two of my dreams. First one was about a couple years ago, I dreamed that I was walking towards my parents room and I saw them sleeping in bed. While I was getting closer I saw a demon between them, so I get more close and walk towards my mom on the other side of the bed where I heard her asking me for help. In this moment the face of the demon looked at me and laughed. Then I woke up. (my parents aren't divorced but they have a lot of marriage problems)

The other dream, it happened this year. I heard in my dream the entry door of our house knocking and I looked into the sight door where I saw a black figure like it was the specter of death. He started telling me that I should open the door for him because he wants my soul and to take me with him. When I start to pray aloud refusing to go with him and I said that I'm only going with Jesus, because he's the only one who can take my soul. I repeated that many times. At that moment he went angry and I saw him removing his face like it was a mask and I saw a very ugly face like it's burned. He was a demon. He start trying to open the door but he couldn't and I woke up. After that dream I felt that I defeated him but during the dream I felt so scared and like I won't wake up and I will die in my dream.

Note: I'm a person who takes very seriously dreams because most of the time I can predict in my dreams what's going to happen.

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