Demonic Princes

by Larry Speier
(Ohio USA)

I am a 55 yr old man and a practicing scientist for more than 30 years. One night last summer while lying in bed I had what I can only classify as an encounter with ancient and powerful but purely evil beings that rule to some degree in the spirit and physical world.

I had just layed down after turning the light off in a hotel room that I was staying at in Ohio. My mind is usually thinking about work or some family issue before I drift to sleep on most nights.

Inexplicably I saw in my mind the inside of what seemed like a cave of brown clay-like walls. Two entities were in the cave and both spoke inviting me to join them. I never saw them but only heard their voices speaking in my mind. The cave seemed to be their home or prison, I could not tell which. I could tell that intellectually I was no match for them as they seemed to have read me like a book anticipating anything that I would think or say. They were keeping their overwhelming aptitude hidden so as to not alarm me.

I also sensed that they possessed a hidden but very real malevolence and were cold, unfeeling beings who would use me for their purposes and destroy me in the process. They continued by telling me to renounce God's Holy Spirit and I could enjoy all of the lustful desires of my heart for power, fame and wealth. I was stunned and did not answer a word and the conversation ceased and the image disappeared.

I am not really sure what precipitated the encounter but I had been studying about ancient demons who corrupted man before Noah's flood. I think these could have been the same ones. But for sure it shook me to the core of my soul that I could be tempted in such a manner.

Thank God He did not allow me to succumb to such a thing. I have had no more encounters like that one but I realized from it how weak and vulnerable that men are to such beings. No amount of learning or knowledge put me on par with those I encountered.

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