Devils In My Home

by colins

Hey. I'm 22 and moved in a house by myself when I was 20. The house is very haunted. I used to hear cups being placed on the table at night, I heard the toilet seat slam, I heard glasses busting at night and would be busted when I got up the next morning and I have heard voices and stuff in that house. My scariest story was around 4:00 a. m. I'm guessing.

I was just asleep and I heard my cat Jippers starting to cry and hiss. I got up and ran to find him floating in mid air in my living room. I was so scared. I ran over to him and tried grabbing him down but he would not move AT ALL. I don't care if you had the strength of 100 gladiators there was no way you were getting that cat down. It was SO damn horrific I nearly fainted.

After about 2 hours my cat finally slid across the floor and I heard the laughs of about 5 devils all sounding like walkie talkies. I decided to finally move out. Now I live in a new house with my boyfriend and Jippers is not missing out on one minute of his beauty sleep. Neither am I.

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