Did I Really Kill It?

by maria
(kenya nairobi)

I was sleeping and I had a dream that a cat attacked me in my compound under a bougainvillea tree and I was fighting with it. It tried to scratch me and finally it caught me from behind, putting its craws on the back of my head dragging me down. I turned quickly and gave it hard blows and stepped on it until it died. I opened my eyes feeling weak and hot all over my body. It was a Sunday morning and I was to go to church in two hours.

I went to the kitchen and took tea, but could not drink as I felt very hot though the weather was just fine. I put some ice cubes in the tea, hoping it will feel cool but I felt the same. I thought I was sick and needed to take some fresh air so I decided to go to the garden and sit in the shade. I felt terrible in my body and could not drink the tea so I decided to take my tea in the fridge and drink after church.

I took a different rout to the house passing the bougainvillea plant and to my shock I saw the exact cat that I was fighting in my dream lying dead under the same place I killed it in the dream. My mum had a cat like that one so I thought maybe it was killed by a dog. My mind was sub conscious so I thought it was just happening outside just felt a little better. I told my mum that her cat was killed outside and she told me her cat is there and she had fed it a few minutes ago. Just to be sure it was not I saw it was there so it wasn't our cat dead.

I went to take a shower and as I was putting my make up I felt itchy on my face looking on the mirror I saw scratches on my face. They were deep and it seemed like a cat or sharp object had done it. I don't keep nails so I did not do it myself. Also, I don't sleep walk, it has always been a mystery to me. Anyone with such an experience? What is this?

Also recently I dreamed that my dad was drowning in the river as he was trying to cross. He is very old and the water was choking him and he was coughing a lot. I jumped in the river and rescued him out. I got up feeling bad about it and very tired. Again it was about 6:30 am when I opened my eyes. I went to check on him and he was sleeping fine. Later when he got up I went to say hi to him and he said thank you "Did you hear the way I was coughing?"

I was shocked, then my mum asked me when was he coughing? I said maybe at 6am. Mum said she never heard him cough and had been up since 4am, then later dad said he dreamed the same dream I was - saving him from drowning in water.

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