Disappearing Girl

by tommy

I was around 6. My parents and I just moved into a new house. On the very first day. I saw a little girl that was out there on the swing set out in the back yard of our new house. The girl looked about my age, she had blond hair and was wearing a pink dress. I was in my new room playing toys on my bed when I discovered her on the swing set. I grabbed my jacket since it was cold and I ran to go see her. Because I wanted a friend. But when I got to my yard she was already gone. Now I wouldn't think much about this if it wasn't for what happened about a day after that.

About a day after that I was ready for bed. My mom just tucked me in and read me a bed time story and turned my night light on and shut the door and left the room. I closed my eyes and fell asleep for maybe 5 minutes and then I woke up to something failing. I turned, opened my eyes to see if anyone was there. And I caught the same little girl that was on my swing set right before she disappeared. I never saw her again after that and pray I never do.

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