Do Spirits Harm?

by Nils Erik Mæland

Around ten years ago, when I was seven, I used to have a hard time breathing and my parents didn't know why. There was nothing wrong with my room and I didn't have any type of disease.

Many times I used to wake up at night thinking that there were someone standing next to me, or sounds outside my room. So for me to sleep at night I always fell asleep in my parents room.

One night when I was scared and couldn't sleep I decided to go to the bathroom, but I forgot turning on the light before going in there. Then I noticed two bright glowing balls over the bath.
I didn't know why, but I knew they were looking at me, I got one of those moments were I couldn't run, couldn't scream, I couldn't do anything. I began thinking when I noticed the two balls coming after me.

I remember hiding in the bed, while I felt someone breathing behind me, but I couldn't see anyone.

Some years later, I found out my brother fell asleep every night with a man around thirty screaming at him all the time.

I think the "paranormal" things that happen to us, was because everyone in my family could see "ghosts" that were a problem for everyone.

But the point is that I got breathing problems because of this "guy", so can ghosts harm people?

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