Do You Beleive In Magic?

by Nicky
(Orlando, Florida, USA)

Do you believe in magic? My story is a simple one, but it's true. Ever since I was a kid I could sort of see things. For example I would have a dream and the next day it would come true.

I remember one dream I had was I was throwing tomatoes at Peter Pan at my junior school. I was flying with him and a few other people and I was wearing one of those baby pajama things with only a hole in the back for a diaper. The next thing I knew my school was holding a play for Peter Pan and I got the role as Michael the little boy (I was only in grade 2).

Anyway getting back on track, I was camping with my family at a park called Rock Point. My sister and I were playing with mermaid barbies and we were looking onto the water. I was looking and then I saw a ship. I told my sister "look look! It's a ship", she didn't know what I was talking about because she didn't see anything. I pointed to it but she said she saw nothing. She got really upset and started to cry so to cheer her up I described it to her.

I told her it was an old looking ship with a black flag with a white cross on it. It had a pretty mermaid on the front like her Barbie and that there was someone with an eye glass on it. She said it sounded cool and she wished she could've seen it.

I didn't think of it again after that until a few days ago in my history class. I saw the exact same ship in my text book and found out it was a European exploration ship that crashed into the rocks of what is now rock point park. I couldn't believe it but then it all made sense. My sister couldn't see it and I could, it was sailing around the same place it crashed, and the ship disappeared when I looked away. After realizing all of this I thought I was going crazy but I knew it had to be true.

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