Do You Believe In Bird Demons?!

by Elise Renee Gingerich
(Lawrence KS Usa)

My Parents Said That When My Twin Sister And I Were Small Kids, That We All Lived In This Supposedly Creepy As Heck Apartment, On This One Side Of Iowa City Iowa, And That This Creepy As Heck Apartment, Had Some Really Creepy Happenings Going On, That Were Quite Possibly Demon Related Or Whatever...

Needless To Say, My Parents Said That They Quickly Moved My Twin Sister And Themselves, Out Of That Apartment, On That Side Of Iowa City Iowa, And They Said That They Quickly Found Themselves Another Apartment, In That Same Town, Of Iowa City Iowa, No Doubt! However, I Think That Something May Have Hooked On To One Of The Pieces Of Furniture Or Whatever (Can Evil Entities Hook Themselves On To Pieces Of Furniture?!)

For A Short While, Probably After My Parents Moved My Twin Sister And I, Into That Newer Apartment, They Said To Both My Twin Sister And I. Anyways, I Think That The Demon's Name That I Encountered Everynight, For Probably Only A Short Point In Time Anyways, And Then I Think It Might Have Crawled Maybe Back To That Other Side Of Town Or Whatever... (Yes, I Don't Know Why, But Somehow, I Think That I Might Have Gotten Annoyed By It, And Told It To Just Go Away, And It Might Have Just Gone Back To That Other Side Of Town, Probably!) I Think Its Name Was Hymbmember or Hymember (Its Name Was Either Hymember or Hymbmember Whatever....) Or Whatever!

Also: I'm Just Wondering, Did The Indians In Iowa Ever Use Bird Symbols In Their Rituals?! (Does Anybody Know If The Indians Who Were In The State Of Iowa, Ever Use Bird Symbols In Any Of Their Rituals By Any Chance?!) Bird Demons....:( from Elise age 39 Lawrence Kansas United States :)

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