Don't Buy The Car

by Ashley

At the beginning of the year (2011) I had a detailed 'dream' that my older brother had gotten into a severe car crash. It came true.

Five months before the purchase...

I walked up to my brother the night after my dream and told him about it.
I said; 'I had a dream about you last night... You got into a really bad car crash, but managed to come out with no injuries.'

He said; 'What kind of car?'

My reply; 'I'm not sure. But it was a dark car, kinda sporty, like a two door.'

Of course he thought it was rubbish, as he currently has a bright green mini.

Three months after the dream...

He takes out a loan to purchase a maroon/burgundy Honda CR-X. Which is a two-door. I had forgotten about the dream by then.

Three days before the crash...

We are driving home from a movie marathon at the drive-in and he brings up the dream. He asks me about the colour and such of the car. After telling him and refreshing my memory, I realised that this could be the car he crashes in.
By now, I was really worried, and told him to buy insurance.

Day of the crash...

My mum wakes me up at 5.00am. (she knows about my dream). She bursts into my room, crying and blubbering; 'It came true! He's had an accident.'
I WAS asleep and was all like; 'Wuhh...?'
then I began to wake up more and realise what has happened. So I raced to his room, and he is lying there, on his bed, stiff as a board.

We take him to the hospital, there's not even a scratch on him. He flipped his car twice after he hit ice and oil on the road.


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