Don't Open The Bathroom Door

by Valarie

I had always had some sort of paranoia in the shower. The loud thumps I heard while showering. Whatever sounds I'd hear upstairs while I was showering would make me jump. Sometimes I would just sit down and wait for them to stop because they made me think someone was in my house killing my now late mother (who was a single mother of one, me) and I had to wait until the sounds stopped to get up because that would mean they left. I know. I had issues. I didn't know that one day, our house would actually be broken into...

I'd been in the shower only two minutes when I heard a loud noise, like something big fell on the ground. This sound was a bit different as it sounded more like a body than an object. Biting my lip, I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself, leaving the water running. For some reason I thought that if I did that if someone was in the house they'd still think I was showering. I creaked the door open and stepped out, peeking over the staircase to see my mother on the floor by the front door and a man standing over her with a bat, getting ready to give her a second blow. He stopped and immediately looked up when my cat Odie, who was next to me, meowed. He saw me, I saw him, and that's when we both started running.

He was coming and I wasn't about to let him get to me. I kept my cell phone in my bathroom. Thank god for that, because I immediately locked myself in there and called the police, speaking to them with my whisper voice. They came and got the man and my mother was hospitalized, where she found out she only had a mild concussion.

Happy ending, right? Not really. You're probably wondering why I called this "DON'T Open The Bathroom Door". I mean, if I didn't, he would've killed my mother, right? Well, that's the point. If I didn't, he would've killed my mother. And I wouldn't have had to do it myself.

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