Don't Turn The Lights Out!

Something lurks in the dark. Something thrives in the dark. You don't want to be caught in the dark with this something.

"Mommy! Please don't turn out the lights!"

"Oh honey, you'll be fine. And it's bedtime and you won't be able to fall asleep with the lights on!"

"But mom! It's in the dark!"

"Don't but me!"

His mom walked out the door and flicked the lights off. He saw a shadow fly across the wall!
He got out of bed and ran but the thing caught him and started to drag him back! But not fast enough.

He reached out his arm just in time to flick the lights on. He saw the black gooey fingers wrapped around this leg sizzle and turn bright red as the released his leg and surrendered into the dark. He fell in a heap.

"What is going on in here?!" He turned to see his mom scowling with anger.

"It was here! Please don't turn the lights out again!"

"This has gone to far now you get into bed and stay into bed! If I see you come out again you will be in big trouble mister!" She said shaking a warning finger at him.

As she walked out she flicked out the lights once more.

"No" he thought in his head "no,no,no!" Just as he thought his last no he felt something cold and gooey grabbed his shoulder and pulled him under the bed.

He was never seen again!

And his mother cried for a full 10yrs in light saying over and over to herself don't turn the lights out. Finally she died at age 50 of heart ache.

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