Dream Manipulation

by Remy

Over the past three years I keep getting bullied by different people all for the same reason. They keep calling me a witch and telling me to knock it off. I keep asking what they're talking about, and I get no answer until one of them finally believes me when I say I have no idea what they're talking about.

He told me that I appeared in his dreams killing his friends and family and that I had a red tail and red bat-like wings. He also said that I would point to one of his family members and yell die, and the person would burst into flames. He said I yelled die to his grandma, and the next day his grandma died of breast cancer.

Apparently, in the other boy's dream, I yelled die to his father. the other boy's dad died in a fire.

Will someone PLEASE tell me what's going on? Have any of you heard something similar to this?

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