Dream or Not Dream?

So this happened months ago and this is the first time I share online. I'm 16yo and lets just say I'm the girl who never feel 'really scared/threatened' by a ghost because I have never seen one... Until this night where this happened.

That night my entire family were out of town and I was alone with my one maid. I was watching TV at night as normal and I unconsciously fell asleep and woke up between 2.00-2.30am. So I decided to go back to sleep and turn my TV and light off. I don't know why but I fell back asleep real quick in just several minutes.

I don't know why but when I woke I looked directly into my dressing mirror (it's in front of my left side bed and my room is not so big so I could look clear enough) and guess what? I can't believe what I saw. It was a woman with a white dress that hung down to the floor, very long black hair and her face was just so scary; black eye pale face staring through my eyes.

I wanted to scream but somehow I cant, my mouth and my body cant move for even an inch. It was like I was paralyzed. 5 minutes or so pass by and I could move my body again, but I didn't shout. I just went straight to my maid's room and asked her to accompany me through the rest of the night.

So I felt a little relieved and I thought that whatever it is that disturbed me will not come again so I try to go back to sleep. But again, I fell asleep directly in just like 2 minutes, but then it repeated again, I woke and when I opened my eyes (I am sleeping facing my left) I see this thing LAYING next to me on my bed! But it was different this time, it was a man, his whole body was wrapped of by some white sheet for dead people and I could only see his face. He was looking right in my eyes and he just layed still and when I wanted to shout and run away, of course I couldn't. I'm once again paralyzed.

It happened for several minutes then I could move again, but then it's like I'm not sure it was a dream but I'm also not sure its real, so I try to convinced myself that it was just a hallucination and went back to sleep.

The same thing happened again until 10-15 times, I see him, I cant move, I could move then fell asleep. It kept on happening until it was 4:30-5:00 dawn time. So I experienced this for about 2 hours more!! After past 5:00 I could finally sleep til morning.

I'm super confused til the day I wrote this, like is it real or is it just a dream? If it's just a dream why did it feel so very real and it happened at the same place I was sleeping and everything, the place of the bathroom, the TV, the chair, the furniture? At least if it was a dream there must be some different right? Like the place could not be the exact spot.

Hopefully this is the first and the last paranormal experience.

So what do you think? I would like to know all of your opinions of my experience, hopefully it could help me understand this whole thing.

Thanks for reading!

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