Dream Vampire

by Jared Wynn
(Haysville Kansas)

This is actually a dream that I had once. I have to say though it was very scary and exciting.

I was at school and a new student has arrived. I didn't expect anything at first, like everyone else. Then I began to notice that he only brought his own lunches with this red goop in everything. He would never trade his lunches with anyone and he would always stay inside and never went out into the courtyard.

Then I began to wonder why he did this. I decided to get to know him a little better. He then invited me to a sleep over. Curious, I went to the sleep over and I noticed his house was very cold and dark and had candles everywhere. I asked why his house was so cold and he said because they don't have electricity.

Then I woke up the next day with blood splotches on my shirt and blanket. I then realized that my new friend was gone. I went outside and noticed it was still dark out. I then see my friend running very fast and decided to chase after him to ask where he was going, what he was doing and stuff like that. I am a runner so I was able to keep up with his pace. Then I notice that we are now in a train yard where my friend is now hopping into a boxcar. I chased after him and jumped in to the boxcar with him.

At first I couldn't see a thing. Then my eyes adjusted and I could see. But what I saw was not a pretty sight. I saw my friend drinking the blood of my girlfriend. I then asked "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" and he just turned around and snarled at me. He then dropped my girl and he tackled me and I flew out of the boxcar.

Just then I ran for my life, faster than I have ever ran before and made it home. The next day I saw him and he just attacked me in the middle of the school and then I woke up.

What does this dream mean? Does this dream mean anything? Was this dream just a bad nightmare or was it predicting the future somehow? I've had the dream more then ten nights in a row and I was just wondering if I could get an answer on that if possible.

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