Dreams, Demons, Spirits and Astral Travel

by Amaria Emevas
(Mission, British Columbia, Canada)

Okay so.. I'm going to sound crazy but here we go..

Since I was really little I've seen weird things. Spirits, tall shadowed figures, and always a tall man with red glowing eyes. They change sometimes but their usually always glowing with a red tint. It's only been in the past 5 years that I've started having dreams about the man with the red eyes. Whenever I fall asleep I Watch Him and the Shadowed figures Murder everyone I know and love. Each dream they die in a different way. Each more gruesome than the last.

I'm told when I was little I would wake up Screaming and Crying about someone standing in my room with me covered in blood and my parents dead on the floor. I stopped sleeping. Once we moved I slept better. I didn't Dream of them until 5 years ago it started again. I've had things attack me in my sleep, put their hands on my throat, What feels like their cutting open my stomach and pulling apart my ribs. I'm confused and scared by the dreams.

The first time I saw my first spirit I was 5. My Great Grandmother passed away and came to me that night. Once I started becoming aware that no one else could see them, They started noticing me stare at them. Since then I get random spirits find me, talk to me, nothing too out of the ordinary. When I was 7 I had a good friend named Daniel. He was interested in what I could see, he wanted to talk to them too. My God Mother had a Ouija board. I found it and took it with me when I went to see Daniel. They got inside his head. They drove him crazy. By the time he was 9 he killed himself. Walked in front of a car. I watched it happen.

I saw Daniel that night and a couple nights after. Then he was gone. He came back in my dreams and hes stayed there. When I'm not having the nightmares I'm Astrally traveling, and that's when I see him.

My good friend, someone that I love a care about very much, made a Deal with a certain Demon name Paimon to save his ex's life. I need to know how to reverse it. Or switch places with him. If anyone can help me with that it will be greatly appreciated.

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