Dreams of Her

by Angúo
(Kuala Lumpur)

Well it was when I was 14 - I was depressed, I had few close friends, and my family hated me as I sucked at school and everything else... I used to take these long, long walks from school (like 2-3 hours) just to avoid my family.

I can't remember exactly when it started, but I began to have these dreams of a pale white (like paper) young woman. She was like 15-20 years old... I don't even remember her face anymore, but I do remember she wasn't wearing any clothes and had these gills type strokes on her back. Her hair was black, not in the freakish way, it looked perfect. She was so good looking from what I remember I wanted to impress her I think. I remember wakening up with erections (or now that I think about it, that could be just normal.)

Anyway I soon kept having the same dream. I don't remember why (as it was a dream), but every day I felt I needed to improve myself so I trained. I joined the basketball team (I was good and I was a member before), then I took these runs in the sports field early (5 AM) in the morning.

My parents encouraged this and soon I realized for some reason I could not stop. Like if I missed a day of workout I'd have a strange discomfort feeling, like vomiting, only for the entire body. It's like when you smell coffee it gives you a sense of energy.

(THIS is when I found out it was a ghost or a daemon or something.)

A few weeks later my exams were near so I stopped training. Then a week later I heard a woman's voice calling me. First I thought it was my mom. It called me once or twice a day.

One day no one was in the house. It was 10:00 in the morning. I was bathing when I heard the voice. It was very clear. I freaked out and slipped and fell. I slowly dressed and went out. After 30 min+ of searching I looked under the sink and heard her again. I don't know what she said. I had this cold shiver all over my body... I just ran to the hall and opened the main door. After a little time I thought I could be hearing stuff. Sometime later it stopped, but I felt someone was watching me.

I was a kid back then. I picked up my comic books and made myself believe some super hero would protect me. I even kept a gods pic (the comics gave better comfort than gods pic.)

Then I had the dream... it had been few months since I had this dream.

Anyway I ignored everything and studied. On the final day after the exam I took a walk with a friend it was 5-7 pm I was in the next street of my house.

I heard some girl call me. It was her! I saw her! She was right there behind a gate of a house. She waved at me like she knew me. She was 5'5"-5'6" with black hair and her breasts were covered with her head hair (usually in my dreams I remember her hair was knotted like in one bowl shape).

I didn't see her face or maybe I forgot. I just took a glimpse and slowly walked away. Well that's it. I ignored her.

From that day on I didn't workout. I did everything opposite from what I used to do. I ignored the calls (it happen once again and stopped - that was the last time I heard her.)

Soon I never had another dream of her. I could sleep forever. I could wake up at 10am or sleep til 1pm, which I never could do before.

The only other incident I remember is when all of our family were in the hall there was a power outage and a glass of water just slid away from the center and fell down from the flat table (this was before the dream incident.)

That's all of it... honestly I don't even want to know what it was. I'm just glad it's over.

P.S.: Sorry for the bad English, I don't come from a native English background.

P.P.S.: The house I lived is new. No one died there and no one lived there before.

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