Dreams, Voices, and Pixies

by Abigail.
(Peterlee England )

As long as I can remember I've always had nightmares like really bad ones and very very strange dreams. It starts off with the house I grew up in. It's an end of terrace house in a small pit village in the northeast of England.

My mam and I moved there when I was three and as long as I can remember strange things used to happen. The radio would turn on unexpectedly, things used to move around, once the sun bed turned on after my mam unplugged it and I was always inexplicably scared of the airing cupboard in my mams room.

I used to have terrible nightmares that had a lasting effect on me. I'm now 19 years old and have to sleep cuddling into something like a stuffed animal so I feel safe as if someone is there or I can't sleep at all. I had recurring nightmares I still remember today such as one were I'm in a large warehouse that has some kind of maze in it, like a tunnel full of obstacles such as trapdoors and blades, and in this dream I start at the beginning. There's only me and although no one tells me I know that to save people I care about who in particular I don't know I have to get through the maze alive. It's like something out of the Saw movies and it used to terrify me.

The first time I had it I was about 5. I can never seem to wake up from my nightmares either and if I do I always go straight back into them when I drift back off. A lot of the other nightmares are in some big old house that I've never seen and I'm running from something, but no matter what I do I can't escape. There are literally hundreds I could tell you about, all fallowing a similar pattern. Someone I care about being killed or someone I care about being evil and trying to kill me.

One year my mam brought a huge pink dream catcher back from a festival and said that it would help stop the nightmares. At first it didn't work and she said I had to believe in it and imagine the dreams being snared like in a spider web. After I opened my mind more it started to work, so I don't have them as much anymore. I still have the exact dream catcher in my window at home with the addition of a pagan pentagram I bought in Carnac in France tied to it.

Anyway after the nightmares I started having other dreams that weren't like dreams. They felt so real and were in ordinary places with normal events playing out. Sometimes I knew where I was and who I was with, other times I don't know. I always kind of pushed them aside as normal until the deja vu - I started finding myself visiting places on school trips and stuff that I had never been to, but felt so familiar like I had. Then things would happen exactly as they did in the dream and I'd feel major deja vu to the point where I can tell someone what they're about to say before they say it.

As you can expect it always freaks people out so I've started keeping it to myself. I don't know why it happens to me but it does and it's the truth. As I say, this started in the house I grew up in. My mam and I eventually moved when I was ten and I thought it would end but even til this day I have dreams that I have moved back into my old house and strange and scary things happen.

I remember I had pot dolls on shelves in my room and one day while downstairs me mam and I heard a loud bang. We went to investigate and found one of the pot dolls down on the floor next to my bed, facing the door. Its legs were shattered yet it was still upright. It was one of creepiest things that I have ever seen.

Anyway we moved and that's when the voices started. I would think I heard someone say something to me in a crowded room when they hadn't. Just sort of a fleeting sound then I started thinking I could hear people whisper or shout my name even when alone in the house. Then I started seeing things like out the corner of my eye. Dark shapes and figures like someone moving quickly through the room and they aren't confined to certain places. I see them everywhere and then things started going missing and turning up in strange places like earrings turning up blue tacked to my wall and I would joke to my best friend that it was the pixies because unlike the stuff in the old house I never felt scared nor have I ever had bad vibes in the house. Then just before I turned 18 and my mam was 7 months pregnant with my little brother things went up a notch in terms of objects moving.

One day I woke up and saw a white smoke at the bottom of my bed it was wispy and transparent like cigaret smoke confused I crawled to the bottom of my bed and found nothing. A few weeks later my ex partner and I experienced something very strange. We woke up to find the lid of my trinket box upside down on my bed side table with ash in it but no sign of the box or jewelry in it. I then found a cigarette on the floor that appeared to have been smoked a little then put out. I looked for the box and jewelry everywhere and finally found it on top of my wardrobe pushed back towards the wall, but it was empty. I continued to look for the jewelry but couldn't find it. Later that day my step dad came into the house holding my jewelry. He'd gone out to the shed and found it in a pile on the grass.

My mam had a similar experience with a mirror being moved now my little brother is two next month and he sits laughing at things that aren't there, as if he can see something we can't. His musical toys turn on alone. I don't know what's happening, but can someone please try and shed some light on it for me? These are only parts of a very large confusing story going back years and I just feel like I need people to understand and know I'm not mad :(

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