by Matt

I've always had some odd dreams but my last one I had was pretty f*cking scary. I know the mind can do some pretty trippy stuff but is there anyway a spirit or some paranormal being can make you completely frozen still? Like paralysis? I'll tell you about what happened...

I had a dream about this really bad being that was being conjured by a group of people, because they thought it was a joke or something. There was a very bright light outside coming in from a window, then when they were done I could see it running through the forest and climbing trees and what not.

It was like a movie or some sh*t, I saw a close-up of its face and it was tearing its own flesh off and its eyes were sunken in and black.

Soon after that I wanted to wake up very badly, but to only wake up into a different dream. I thought it was real, I was talking to my mom about the crazy dream I had but when she turned around it was that being.

Right after that it was like BAM straight awake, but couldn't move at all and there was something in my room shaking and laughing, then it disappeared and I was able to move. I felt drained and every hair on my body was sticking straight up.

I've had this happen before but it wasn't as intense and was like 6-7 years ago in a very "active" (paranormal)house...

If anyone could comment on this it would be very much appreciated,

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