by Brooke

So as of now I'm 16 and I still have had weird things happen to me, but this is the one that has always stuck with me.

I was about 7 or 8, and it was the night before Easter. Now back then I would sleep with my older sister (14 at the time) before a big holiday or event. My sister had bunk beds and she would always claim the top, so I was stuck sleeping on the bottom. Now I have always been good with dreams, I can tell the difference between when I'm dreaming or awake, that being said I know for a fact I was wide awake when all this happened.

I had fallen asleep with the door open per usual, so when I unexpectedly woke up in the middle of the night, I wasn't surprised to see it open. What I was shocked to see was the giant being kneeling by my bed. It looked like a "rabbit" but the size of a man if not bigger, it was white with black spots splattered about it. It kneeled next to my bed with it's arms folded and it's face buried, almost as if it felt deep remorse about something, I of course stared in shock for a good few seconds before finally and slowly laying down, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible, and turned around so I faced the wall, pulling the blanket over my head in the process.

I somehow fell back asleep and a little while later I woke up again and when I skeptically looked from under my blanket to see if the being was still there, it had gone. I took this opportunity, I first tried waking my sister, asking if I could sleep with her, but being the grump she is when she's tired she just told me to go away. Now I'm not stupid, and I was not about to be alone so I creeped out of her room and made my way to the opposite end of the hall(about 10 feet). Now before my parents room there's another hall and it opens into the living room, so as I finally got to their door, I turned to check and saw sitting in the hall, a stuffed rabbit made to look real. It had brown glass eyes and was grey and white, just sitting there. I freaked and I opened the door and ran to their bed as fast as I could. I layed in between my parents and pulled the blankets over me.

I though I was in the clear and was finally starting to fall asleep when I started to hear steps walking in the carpet, almost as if it would take a few steps and then I would hear faint sniffing. I prayed and prayed for whatever it was to go away. I prayed with all my might and kept as still as possible, squeezing my eyes shut as tight as possible. I finally fell asleep. Now all this was scary, but what was the strangest I think is that following morning when we all opened our baskets, I opened mine to find that same rabbit I had seen the previous night sitting amongst the fake grass.

Now people may think this story is ridiculous but even to this day I refuse to sleep alone on Easter.

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