Elbial. Do Not Say His Name.

by Carl

I can guarantee this is 100% true. 15 years ago, when I was around 7 we lived in south east England. We had no knowledge and no beliefs in the paranormal or more importantly demons. We are catholic although seeing as the church refused to help us we were resigned to psychics and exorcists not associated with the church.

My little sister who we will call Ellie was around 4 at the time. Ellie was always a little strange, angry and seemed very odd. Ellie was supposed to be a twin however our mother had a miscarriage before Ellie was born and the twin died.

Anyway, when she was 4, Ellie started talking to an imaginary friend who she played with all the time. It seemed innocent but suddenly strange things started happening in the flat where we lived. Things started going missing, things breaking, large furniture, in particular a large cabinet that spread the width of the room shaking violently by itself.

After a few months of this, at 3am, I was asleep in my bed obviously when I heard a little girls voice keep calling me coming from next to the bed. I knew instantly this was not Ellie, my mother or my older sister as the voice was different. I ignored it and kept sleeping. The more I ignored the voice, the angrier it got when finally the covers were pulled off of me and I was pulled out of bed. I screamed and just happened to look up at the light fitting on my ceiling to see, to what I assumed at that age to be black cloaked and yet transparent witches hovering around my ceiling. I immediately ran to my mum crying, of course not believing me, she took me back to bed. As soon as she closed the door, I closed my eyes and hid when I heard the voice tell me like it was in my ear. "I will get you."

Safe to say, I refused to leave my mums side ever again at night. My mothers bedroom was directly across from my sisters room and kept both doors open so she could see if my sister got out of bed in the night to watch TV. Both my sisters slept in a bunk bed with Ellie on the bottom bunk.

One night, my mum woke to see what she thought was Ellie climbing the bunk to get into my elder sisters bed. The first inclination was that this little girl was wearing a night dress when Ellie always slept in pyjamas. When my mother called out Ellie go back to bed the little girl turned round to show that she had no eyes and then suddenly she vanished.

Since that night, my mother got into the paranormal and would always consult exorcists and psychics for help. After six months, Ellie started getting violent. Mainly trying to kill my mother by strangling her in her sleep whilst laughing and also hitting, biting and scratching. She hated hearing the Lords prayer and screamed for people to stop saying it. She wouldn't go to church and became more and more distant from everyone. When she met a psychic, it turned out that Ellie had somehow brought a demon with her from a "previous life." This demon being Elbial who funnily enough appears as a twin or a deceased sibling.

Soon after, I started feeling weird. I could hear voices coming from my room at night and started seeing more and more things. Turned out that this demon has tried to possess me too. I still hear things and from I personally believe, it has somehow left a mark on me.

When we both finally got exorcised, thankfully things stopped happening. I still hate the dark though.

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