Encounter With A Witch

When I was younger in my teens we moved into to a house in Torrance, CA. When we first moved in there were events like the lights going on and off. Vases were mysteriously thrown from stands they were on and broken. My bed would shake as if there were a really big earthquake and I would run to my parents room only to be told there was no earth quake.

One night, me and my brother shared rooms, we went to bed and the next day there was a hole in the wall. My dad yelled at us and asked how and why we made a hole. My brother then told me later on that a witch appeared in the room and came through the hole in the wall she talked to my brother and told him if he told on her she would kill him.

Also we found a witch craft book and the witches husbands wooden ankle, which was walking around in the attic in my parents room and woke up my mother and father to which my dad moved the ceiling access and down fell the witch craft book and wooden ankle.

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