Encounter with Black Eyed Blonde Hair Pale Skin Being

by Virginia Lee
(Augusta GA)

One day after visiting my mother I had just left her house headed home. About a mile leaving from her home there is a four way stop with a convenient store that sits to the left. On this day when approaching the four way stop something from my inner voice told me to slow down almost to a stop right before reaching the stop sign.

As I slowed a black car with black tinted windows came out of nowhere from my right side running his stop sign. As he attempted to make a left hand turn he came to a sudden halt to the left corner of my vehicle blocking me in leaving him sitting at an angle beside me. This brought me to an eye to eye stare down with one of these individuals. I was furious and a bit in shock to see such a thing and continued to stare at him for as long as he stared at me, especially for the fact that I was not too happy with his actions.

It was like time stopped for what seemed like several minutes until he gave me a funny little smirk and drove off.

Until this day I have always been baffled and never thought people really believed me when I told them of this story. When I made eye contact the first feeling I had was anger due to the accident he almost caused. I realized then that he meant to cut me off and that angered me more. At the time I didn't care what color his eyes were, but I have never been able to forget the feeling this individual gave me when I looked into those eyes. I can say it was not good. I was very anxious for a while after the encounter and it took me a while to shake it off.

I had recently been saved and baptized with the Holy Spirit and knew that whatever this being was it could not touch me because I was protected. This happened around the 1990's and I never forgot it. I opened my computer today and an ad about these black eyed children flashed across and I was in shock. For all this time I never knew anybody else had encounters with the same individuals.

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