Encounters with a Possessive Demon

by Louisa Celeste Strutt
(fife, scotland)

It started when I was 13 years old.

I was, shall we say, in a dark phase as many teenagers are; which is when I began researching vampirism and lycanthropy.

I had been researching things in this particular genre for a few weeks which is when I came across "the vampire poem" by coincidence, I read it out loud both the English and Latin translations and after doing so I discovered that apparently
those who have read it almost immediately experienced paranormal activity.

I was both intrigued and skeptical by this point, but other than that I somewhat forgot all about it. My point of focus quite quickly shifted from vampire mythology to incubus attacks, although I have been raised in a non-religious christian family I was fascinated by the idea of demons being sexually attracted to human women. This particular subject turned out to be far more vast than I had anticipated as I discovered these attacks often linked to "sleep paralysis" was a worldwide phenomena.

Anyhow, back to my first paranormal encounters with this particular entity. It was around 11pm and I was alone in my bedroom on my bed reading about "incubus attacks" while my family was watching Sherlock Holmes downstairs. I sat there for quite a while then I started to hear a strange screeching noise coming from the closet. At first I assumed it was my mum in the next room moving the clothes in her cub-board but as it turned out... she wasn't even upstairs at the time.

I just sat on my bed and tried to ignore it, hoping it was nothing or maybe just my cat playing around, however the whatever it was seems to only get irritated by me ignoring it and it began to get increasingly and alarmingly louder.

By this point I was scared; I didn't know if I should stay put, run out the room, or open the closet. I found myself walking slowly towards it. I opened it quite certain I would find my cat hiding, but instead I was met by nothing other than clothes on hangers. I was scared, I'll be honest and I'm not usually scared by things like this. I even attempted to replicate the noise but I couldn't. I closed the closet and hurried back to bed.

I stopped reading and turned on some music to drown out the noises, but the louder I made the music the louder the sounds became. Then just as suddenly as the had begun it stopped. I paused the music and stared at the closet's mirror door, had I really imagined it? I thought it was over but instead I began to hear chains moving and footsteps coming from out of the closet and right across my room past the end of my bed and over to my sister's bed where whatever or whoever it was seemed to sit down.

I felt like a scared rabbit staring at where I assumed its face was, and the worst part was... I could tell it was staring back. I just sat there for a minute or so frozen in disbelief, then a wave of fear swept over me and I felt tears welling up in my eyes, but any attempts to scream or call for help where stifled before they could be uttered. Then I heard it give a long sigh, as clearly as anything, it was in a male voice, but not particularly deep, as if to say "oh great, I made her cry." Whatever grip this entity had on me was released and I bolted out the door and down the stairs to the living room where I sat behind everyone on a chair.

I knew I was safe, for a while, but only while I wasn't alone. I knew I couldn't tell anyone, and even then I could feel a strong masculine presence in the shadows watching me, just waiting for the next opportunity to make itself known to me. I knew that day that I had opened a door to something far stronger than I, and it was my fault. In the months that followed I began to experience more and more activity, one such experience occurred not long after the first.

I was sleeping having some strange dream when I was awoken by a weightiness on my chest I opened my eyes and I could see the curtains across from where I lay, it looks like the early hours of the morning then my attention shifted to what was causing the slight weight on my chest I turned my head to look directly above me and there, staring at me intently was a face; unlike any I've seen before.

His skin was white, but not just pale, he was as white as my bed sheets, he had jet black hair and strangely enough I remember tiny thin black needle-like pins holding it away from his face, his eyes were what struck me most, they where extremely pale blue and his pupils resembled that of a cats only thinner. I was extremely groggy as we stared at each other both somewhat bewildered, all I can remember thinking was "he's so beautiful" and just like that my vision went blurry and I blacked out. Perhaps he put to sleep, maybe I wasn't supposed to wake up; honestly I don't know, but what I wanna know is why he was on top of me in the first place?

The thought of that was frightening, but at the same time I was strangely enchanted. I began seeing him regularly in my dreams he told me he was we were destined to be lovers or something to that extent I remember him kissing me and telling me things. As things progressed he began to be more sexual with me, I didn't know what to do, I was only 13 but he seemed to have no regard for my age.

I began to feel as if I were being touched while I was awake, or I would feel a hand on my shoulder. My sister began to tell me that she felt there was something in the house and it was around me, I would walk into my bedroom and hear loud breathing behind me and feel eyes watching me, it was disconcerting.

A lot has happened since, perhaps I shall add them later, but for now this is all I'll write as I think It might end up too long. Please comment with your input on my situation, as I would desperately like opinions as to what I may have been experiencing.

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