Ever Since I Was Little

When I was 3 I lived in an old farm house, I would not sleep in my bedroom because late at night a wolf would appear, snarling at me. Screaming I would call for my mum but she could never see it.

We moved the next year to a house with a private beach. I remember once I went down to the beach and a strange fox was staring at my imaginary friend, as though it could see him, after that my imaginary friend said that they had to leave now and I never saw them or the fox again.

Yet again we moved a few years after, the old shed was turned into my bedroom... But before it was I never went into it, I could not see any goats or demons but I could sense something there. I didn't sleep in my room very often because I could still sense it. Also in my bedroom before that one night I was laying in bed scared for some reason and I felt a hand brush upon my face and move the hair behind my ear and sometimes I would see a figure wandering through the hallway. My friends who visited would randomly say that my house was haunted...

Now I have moved again. I am currently unable to see any paranormal creatures, but just the other week I heard loud growing in the hall I think, I asked my mum if she could hear anything but she said she could not. I then entered the hall of the house and suddenly felt the same type of presence as I did in my old shed. Occasionally, no matter where I go I see shadow people (I suppose that's what is call them) they're always in the corner of my eye and when I look at them they speed away so fast it's hard to see them clearly. I have been to many places as well where I can sense a presence of some sort but I cannot see it like I could when I was younger.

Does anybody know how I could be able to see them again?
Or if I can communicate with them even if I cannot see them?

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