Ever Since We Moved In

by Rhiannon

Ever since we moved into the house we live in now I've felt eerie. When I was 15 and we had lived here for about 3 months I met my ex-boyfriend. He always claimed he could see spirits and demons and I never really believed him.

He started staying the night frequently and that's when things started to get creepy.

One night, while he was staying the night, we were laying in my bed. He was asleep and I was starting to fall asleep. He sat up out of a dead sleep and said that there was definitely something in my house. I convinced him that there was nothing and he fell back asleep.

That wasn't the last of it though. Again, he was asleep one night and I was laying next to him, half asleep. Out of no where he ran to the corner of my room, and started pointing at my bed screaming "it's sitting right there". I was beyond scared but managed to get him back to sleep and the next day he didn't remember a thing.

I wrote it off as he was a sleep walker. Period. Until one night we saw something standing in my closet together. I asked him if he saw it too and the look on his face showed he undoubtedly did. That night it was hard to sleep.

A few months went by and everything seemed normal until one night when I just got a feeling in the pit of my stomach. I ran and told my parents I was scared and they told me to leave my light on and door open as I went to sleep. Not even 30 seconds after they left my room my door slammed shut. It took everything I had to get up and run out of my room.

A few nights later I felt safe enough to sleep in my room again, but I brought my sister along with me. Later that night I woke up to what felt like my leg being pinched. I woke my sister up and as she sat up it looked like someone sat at the end of my bed. I just started screaming.

From that night until about a month ago everything seemed normal. Me and my ex broke up and everything seemed great again. I got a new boyfriend and that's when I started getting eerie feelings in the pit of my stomach again and started feeling like I was being watched. Me and my friend started playing with a Ouija board and we got a spirit right away. But the weird thing is it would only answer if I asked questions. No one else.

I'm just scared on what is happening.

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