Evil Chills

Me and about six friends decided to have a few drinks and smokes at a place called assumption gardens in our town. Its a massive playground. It was around 8:00pm when we got there so we had a few drinks laughed and talked, but I had a bad feeling and I don't know what it was. My friend had to go home so me and another mate decided to walk him home.

When we got back one of our friends was sitting under a tree angry and crying, she had had a fight with her boyfriend, her boyfriend was no where to be found. Our mate came up to us crying pointing to a tree about fifteen meters away. We all saw a dead body hanging from the tree, it was a little girl. Then my other friends boyfriend appeared. He was sitting on a hill staring at the ground. We tried to talk to him but he glared at us, his eyes had turned from blue to fully black. We panicked and went to see his girlfriend and the same thing happened. We walked near the road and turned around her boyfriend was sitting there and she was on the other side of the park, and in every single tree there was a body hanging in it.

We turned back in front of us and there about 20 meters away from us there was some kind of demon eating a body it looked up with blood pouring out of its mouth and smiled, and waved at us. Me, and and two of the guys bolted for it while the other guy jumped on his bike and drove off. As soon as we got about 200 meters away, the bad vibes stopped.

We all met up at the shops, then we all had the same kind of vision. I saw the river near the park with a body in it. My mate saw our friends boyfriend walking around the river. My other friend saw the river, and my other mate saw our friend push his girlfriend in the river. The next day we saw the couple together and asked them if they where alright, they said yes but the water was cold when they went for a swim.

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