EXP12V: Frozen Heart Syndrome

by Abigail

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Experiment 12 V: Frozen Heart Syndrome.

Our subjects have been drugged so that they will have the medicine, no pain. We are not aware of what will happen when the medicine is taken, but our attempt is to see how the Subjects' bodies react to it, because the medicine numbs the heart. We aren't sure if they are going to survive or die. We aren't even sure if they will live through the first 2 days.

They asked us some questions through the microphone. "Are we allowed to eat?" Test Subject 1 asked. "Yes. There is a mini-fridge in the wall. Go to the other side, and open the tiny cabinet. There are only foods that are certain to not affect the experiment." The doctor replied.
Test subject 2 was sick,and 3 was passed out. 1 was the only one that was awake, which concerned the scientists.

It is day 3, and starting at 7:14:09, the medicine is affecting subject 2 more critically than before. He is sneezing, vomiting the food, and he is always under the blanket that we supplied for them. What, you thought we would give them a numbing medicine and not give them blankets? We aren't sure what is wrong, because the other 2 were fine. At exactly 8:29:34 pm, Subject 2 passed out for the rest of the night, and didn't open his eyes until 1:03:48 pm the next day. He was sleep for almost 17.5 hours.

Today, Subject 2 passed out for longer than before, starting at about 6:13:02. According to these experiences, Subject 2 usually passes out near the evening. Subject 1 hasn't been able to go to sleep, and his arms are getting rashes and bruises. He also seems to be going crazy. He grabbed the steam cooked carrots (steamed food doesn't affect our experiment), and he is eating them whole, and doesn't chew.

Subject 2 is still passed out from yesterday. We asked for Subject 1 to test his heart beat. He laid 2 fingers on his neck and could not find a pulse. After that, he laid his hand on his chest, and still no pulse. After trying and trying and trying, we asked him to stop. Subject 2 has been strongly impacted by this medicine. We took notes from Subject 1. According to him, he was warm everywhere except for his chest. This may change our predictions. At 12:34:29, we collected information about this medicine. It may be freezing the heart.

Subject 3 reported that she had the opposite of heartburn. She said her heart felt like it was under a fire, but it had snow that wouldn't melt on top of it. As a result, she got sick. Also, at 9:54:67,at she told Dr. Goldstein (my co-worker) that she had brain freeze, but everything she ate was warm. Our prediction is that it has something to do with the medicine.

Yesterday, Subject 3 spoke to us. Today, however, all we saw was newly cut flesh around a skeleton. In a pile in the corner, we saw her muscles, organs, etc. Along with that, there was Subject 1, peeling off his own skin. He stared at the camera. He was naked and appeared to be deformed. His eye sockets were on separate sides of the head, like a bird. His nose was flattened, and there were just 2 large holes, and his mouth was shaped like a fish's. It was scrunched up, and he had trouble talking.

According to these subjects, Exp12V has many affects. Subject 1 was the only one alive. However, we couldn't let him out now. Due to the effects (insanity, deformity, murder), he would be a threat to people outside of the chamber. We simply had to keep him there.

On this day, he cut off his left leg. He refused to stand up. "What information do we have?" Dr. Goldstein asked. "Our research shows that this medicine can cause suicidal thoughts, insanity, self-harm, critical illness, and mainly freezing your heart to freeze the blood flow, and stop the body from working properly," I said. "I also noticed that the medicine can cause deformity after about 5 days." Dr. Goldstein looked in the camera footage, and written in blood on the walls, "I KILL SELF," which probably meant that the suicidal thoughts expanded to actual suicide. "It appears that Subject 1 has committed suicide." I said.

Today, we collected samples of dry blood from each Subject. Subject 3's blood was warm. We predict that it was because it is likely that the medicine didn't kill her. Subject 2's blood was cold and very thick. It may be expanding due to the extreme conditions. Subject 1's blood was more difficult to find out, because the blood is fresher and it is not quite as dry and hasn't lost as much moisture. Though it was very hard, we figured out that Subject 1's death was not because of suicide. The air that he breathed was contaminated due to Subject 2's death from sickness. There was a knife, but it also had dry blood. The blood already lost moisture, so it is more than likely that the contaminated air was the reason for his death.

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Exp12V completed.

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