Face At The Window

by pauline

When I was 9yrs old we moved houses. By the time some of our things had been unpacked and we'd had something to eat it was mine and my sister's bedtime. We had two dogs. One of them called Bengo stayed in my sisters bedroom at night because he was her dog so to speak and my dog Prince stayed in my bedroom at night with me.

As we'd only just moved in and mum had only unpacked the necessities I had a couple of boxes of clothes to unpack still and because all the bedrooms were on the first floor my mum hadn't put the bedroom curtains up yet. My mum put me to bed with my dog but because it was my first night in that house and I'd never moved houses before she left my bedroom light on, probably thinking that when she checked in on me later I'd be asleep and she'd turn it off then.

My bedroom door was on the same wall as my bedstead and opposite this wall was the wall of the back of the house with my bedroom window in the middle of it. The back garden was outside with a 8 foot fence and a locked and bolted gate of the same height in the middle. As it was my first night in a strange new house I couldn't settle so I was playing my usual game with my dog, which was me rolling a tennis ball to him at the bottom of the bed and him bringing it back so I could roll it for him again. I don't know how long I'd been doing this for but one time he didn't bring it back so I looked at him to see why he'd stopped playing and I saw Prince looking towards the window. So I followed his stare. At my window outside at the bottom like it was peeking in over the outside windowsill was a pair of eyes and a white, bald head.

I put my hands over my eyes and screamed that there was a man in my window. My mum ran into my bedroom and my dad ran straight out into the back yard as they were still unpacking downstairs, but nobody was in our garden.

When I was older my dad told me that the gate was still locked and bolted when he'd ran out that night.

This story is 100% true and I still don't know what that was that night, or why my dog didn't bark?

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