Faceless Man In Black (Slender Man)

by Dulce Martinez
(Texas, USA)

I was living in a new apartment, I had been there long enough to know the sounds it made and other noises outside. It was 10:30PM when I fell asleep. I rarely wake up at night because I'm a heavy sleeper and I feel safe with my boyfriend sleeping at my side (the light-sleeper). I don't easily get scared or weird out by paranormal things for I've had may different experiences dealing with it. For some reason this has really bothered me in my mind and I can't let it go.

The bed was in the middle of the room and I slept near the window (like 3 ft away). We are also on the second floor. I felt like something or someone shoved me slightly which woke me up from my sleep (it was on the side my boyfriend wasn't; only the floor was there). As I look to see what it was, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I shoved my boyfriend to wake him up, which it usual does but he just kept sleeping. At the window was a tall man in a black suit and a white face with no features. I couldn't scream because no noise came out of my mouth. I even tried to talk and still nothing. Then his arms started coming into the apartment, yes he had many arms. His arms scratch my legs and arms a bit. He was trying to get me but as soon as I grab onto my boyfriend I can finally talk and scream. The creature left as he woke up and asked me what was wrong. I was fully awake when this happened but he said it was a dream.

The next day we went to his friend's house to hang out. While we were there he showed us some video's on YouTube he was watching. It was a series of a guy who kept seeing this as well and he researched it. People call him Slender Man and he goes after children and some teens. The only thing wrong with this theory of only going after children and teens is that I was 20 yrs old at this time. I was screaming every time his shadow past or saw him on the video. My boyfriend asked if it was scary and I said no that's what I saw last night. I didn't know of this until I saw these videos.

We moved out of the apartment and at my parent's for now. I'm not the only one who's seen the tall man's shadow in the house but when my brother and his girlfriend who don't believe in this stuff start seeing him and weird things happening in their room, then I'm certain he wasn't a dream.
I'm just scared that something will happen to their kid or any children that come over. (Now I'm pregnant and fear that he will come for the both of us) How can I protect myself and others from him because I know he's still following me?

Please let me know if there is because I did research on Slender Man and everything I find says you can't protect yourself (He's been around for centuries, proof of this is in artwork and writing). And if anyone else has seen him I just wanted to share this to let people know they're not alone.

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