Fair Fright

by Anonymous

One day my friends and I went to the Funfair. We were so excited, the adrenaline already started to pump through our veins. When we arrived there we were thrilled by the rides and the atmosphere.

Although soon after we went on "The Drum" my friend Carmel felt like vomiting so we took her to a dark and quiet space where she could get some air and get away from the busy atmosphere. Just then I felt something grab my hand and I instantly went hot then cold. I didn't see anything so I decided not to tell my friends because I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, then Carmel complained that her chest was tight and she felt someone holding her neck.

When I did tell my friends they laughed it off, and then I decided that maybe it was nothing, but as we were driving home at 3 in the morning the car broke down. When we saw that everything was intact in the car we wondered what could've went wrong, then Carmel started getting neck and chest pains again and when I started to rub her back a force threw my hand back. Everyone was in disbelief.

Carmel was admitted to the hospital 8 days later and is now dead. I often dream about her and experience weird feelings in certain areas of our town but it doesn't bother me.

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