Far Too Many Interactions

I was sitting at my kitchen table once, and I looked up and saw a little boy, standing across from me, just staring. I blinked and he vanished.

A while later, at Christmas time, I was sleeping when something started singing in my ear, a little tune like a lullaby, it freaked me out and I ran right out of my room.

Everything calmed down for a while, then I was after school when my mom was helping with some PTO things. Me and some friends were playing hide and seek in the hallway, I looked out the window, and saw a figure. It was big and a black silhouette. It stood there and I stared at it for a few minutes, and it started to move towards the window I was looking out. I ran down the hallway and didn't go near the window. My brother told me it was the Churchville Phantom . A little boy attending our school died from a brain tumor, and a rumor started that he was haunting our school.

I was home alone once, both of my dogs sitting next to me, when I heard someone walking downstairs. It makes a squeaking noise only when there is pressure. Then the boards in my kitchen started to creak, like they do when someone walks on it, about a yard from me. My Grandmother arrived just then, and I was thankful when I left.

My brother and I were home alone, when we heard the drums in our play room being beaten on. We were the only ones home so we ran outside as fast as we could.

I don't know if all this is a mere coincidence, but it was terrifying. Someone please tell me if this is just my imagination!

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