Farmhouse Haunting

by steph

When I was younger my family lived in a very old three story house on a farm. The farm was located in Edinburgh, Scotland. You see before I explain what happened I must tell you something about my family - I am one of four children and the also the only girl.

Many things happened whilst living in Scotland so I will shorten this up. About one month after we moved in my little brother and I were playing upstairs in my bedroom just after lunch. My brother was only a toddler at the time and was just getting used to walking around and talking. We were sitting on the floor playing with god knows what when all of a sudden he jumps up and turns around to the window. He stood there pointing outside to were my parents were standing. I guess he was just in a happy mood and wanted to see them.

Anyway when my parents came inside to check on us my little brother runs up and starts asking who was the man in the white suit standing next to you outside. We all just assured him that there was no one else there.

At night my little brother could never sleep and neither could I. So my parents thought they might experiment by putting us in the same room. All was fine until one night I went to bed upset. I woke in the middle of the night and someone was sitting on the end of my bed. At first I thought maybe it was my brother then I realised this thing/person was too big. I think he must of felt me staring because he turned to face me. And in a split second all my fear and worries transformed into a wonderful warm feeling that I cant even begin to explain. And then he was gone.

The next day I asked my dad if he came into my room that night but he said no and there was no way anyone got inside the house because the house was all locked up.

Then one day I was playing in my room with my brother again and I heard someone calling me to come play outside with them and to bring my brother. We had just left my bedroom when my bedroom roof collapsed. My room was covered in water, bricks and plaster. All I could remember about what happened next was my mother running up the stairs screaming our names and throwing her arms around us.

Apparently the collapsed roof was caused by the old water tank in the room above ours bursting. The strange thing is my mother, brother and I were the only ones home so who ever it was that called me to come play is the reason me and my brother are alive. We left a few weeks after the incident. Only later did I discover that my elder brother had once seen the man after he fell and hurt his leg. He said the man sat with him until he felt better. But he was to confused to tell anyone because he was sure he had seen the man before.

We now live in Australia and it has been 6 years since I last saw that man but I wish I had of got the chance to thank him.

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