Feeling of Extreme Dread

by Destiny Star
(Lubbock, TX)

I was at Walmart one night about 10pm in Lubbock, Texas and was already walking in the pathway in front of the registers looking for a register.

I only had a few items so I was walking toward the 20 items or less registers - I was still about in the middle of all the registers when this extremely attractive young man walks up beside me and asks me something to the effect that he wanted me to follow him. He spoke beautiful Spanish - every word - so I realized that he was from Mexico and was not a Hispanic from the United States. I'm Hispanic from the United States and I cant even speak Spanish (I can understand it, say a few words here and there, but that's all. If you live in Texas you probably know what I mean by being able to tell Spanish from Mexico)...

So I'm totally checking him out while he's talking, and in the first place him asking me to follow him was weird so I look him in the eye to say "no cant follow you" and that was as far as I got.

When I looked into his eyes he was squinting. I realize now he was hiding his eyes. Not only did his eyes look like a literal dark storm cloud (like the dark cloud you can see when there is a tornado - tornado clouds - those clouds are scary themselves), but I felt a total arresting dread immediately fill my whole being.

I was aware that every sense in my body, mind, and soul was being alarmed like it was an alarm to keep me away from that person. I also knew that he was not seeing my soul the way I was seeing his and that my dread was not being made known to him and I was to remain still and calm like when they say if you come in close contact to a rattlesnake. It was that kind of knowing that I had to totally listen to the alarms going off in my being.

To this day I remember the dread most of the whole experience; totally not anything I would want to experience ever again.

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