by Maria
(Miner Hill, TN, AL)

I was 3 years old and in orphanage in Russia. It was in the middle of winter. But that day was one of those sunny days and not cold. But the following night was the darkest. You could not even see the street lights shine in the windows.

I don't know what time it was but I did know it was late. I woke up from the feeling of my feet being tickled. I had never been scared before in my 3 years of life. Because I would fall a sleep before the lights would go off and sleep like a baby. So when I woke up that night I did not know what to think. The only thing I knew was I had this really strange feeling in me, like I wanted to hide but could not move. I was scared. I laid there for about a minute thinking 'should I move my feet or should I move at all?'

I was lost, all the kids were asleep. There were no adults close to us. I thought that if I screamed it might try to hurt me. So I just re-positioned my feet hoping that maybe it will think that I am still asleep and that it will stop. It stopped for few seconds and than it started up again. That's when I tried to turn to the other side and see if that will stop it. It continued. I finally got myself together sat up on my bed, lift up the covers, and jumped to the foot of the bed see if anybody was there.

Nobody was there and it stopped. I had no problems for the rest of the night.

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