by Believer

My cousins have this woods in their yard and we go and play there constantly. It's actually fun back there.

Well one day we went deep enough and saw this house that looked abandoned. So we go on the lawn. We walk into a barn and see all these animal skins. We all go to the bookshelf and pick up a book. In the book it said stuff about experiments they were doing in Russia and it said something we thought was retarded and it said "fichrs".

Then we walk out of the barn and started heading back home. Well this creepy person with white only eyes started chasing us. We figured she was blind so we stood there and she ran right to us. So then we were terrified. She just started sniffing around. She said in this Russian accent "I am a fichr and if you don't get off the lawn of mine I will find where you live and eat your skin and meat down to the bone."

By that point we thought she was joking. So we looked up that place on Google Maps and the picture just showed woods. We then started going into the woods to play manhunt. We kept seeing skeletons of dead animals in the woods and thought nothing of it. We ended up finding that lady against a tree. She said do not go into the woods ever again. Since then we have never been in the woods since. Please tell me what you guys think because I have no clue what to think!

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